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Alas, they are not this obvious.

Alas, they are not this obvious.

Recently one of our clients was robbed.

A man had come to the door claiming to be a roofer who had just completed a small job next door for “Doris”. Our client knew Doris so assumed this man was trustworthy. The man asked if he could just look in the roof space to see if there was any damp. Apparently there was, it could be easily fixed said the man, just a small deposit for materials and he’d be back within the hour. He must have seen where the deposit came from.

“I just need to double check a measurement” he said ….. and came down with a cheery “see you in half an hour”.

He didn’t come back of course ….. and he had taken all our client’s savings. Our client is savvy and knows about these scams but was fooled when the chap knew the neighbour’s name “I was like a rabbit in the headlights”.

It could have happened to any of us, IT DID - BEWARE!


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