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 We are a group of friendly volunteers who assist the elderly, the disabled and others in Teddington and Hampton Wick who need a helping hand.


Although we are based at the Methodist Church, we have no religious affiliation and our volunteers and clients come from many different faiths and backgrounds.

The group is a registered charity (number 276809) and was established in 1975. It is managed by an elected committee of volunteers and employs part time co-ordinators to run the office. The trustees of the charity who form the management committee are:

Chair: Mary Tavendale
Treasurer: Sally Howland
Secretary: Linda Jephson

Eva Eldridge 
Chris Harle
Geoff Howland
Graham Shortell
Karen Clarke
Elizabeth Foster


Our volunteers give their time free of charge but can claim an allowance for car mileage and other expenses are reimbursed.


Short History of Teddington & Hampton Wick Voluntary Care Group

We have now marked up over 40 years of neighbourhood community service. Our volunteer group has expanded in time, as have the services we provide.

The group began in 1975 when Douglas Brown MBE dreamed up the idea of a neighbourhood care scheme as he convalesced from a bad bout of flu. He then involved Ann Burrows who initiated and organised help and assistance from her own home for many years.

From the 1990's the Teddington & Hampton Wick Voluntary Care Group has been operating on a more formal basis with a chairman, treasurer, committee and co-ordinators. The group is now one of a number of similar community groups that operate in the borough of Richmond Upon Thames. Our volunteers carry out the duties allocated by our co-ordinators when requests come in. The aims of the group from the beginning have been to help those in need with the tasks a good neighbour might perform, eg. Lifts to local GPs, dentists, hospitals, clinics, hairdressers, clubs and classes; lifts to local friends and family; occasional shopping, lifts to the post office, shops etc; picking up prescriptions; advice and information.

Our Contact Details

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Teddington & Hampton Wick Voluntary Care Group,
c/o Methodist Church,
1 Stanley Road,

TW11 8TP.

Telephone: 020 8943 3112
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Charity Number: 276809

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